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Caleb Sanchez, Ph.D.

Business Psychologist

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In addition to his consulting work, Dr. Sanchez is also a dedicated educator and mentor. He has taught courses on organizational psychology at the university level and is committed to sharing his knowledge and experience with others. His overarching goal is to assist organizations and individuals in achieving their full potential and thriving in the contemporary workplace.

Dr. Sanchez uses industry tailored analyses to guide businesses in creating strategies and policies that promote healthy and productive work environments across the United States. Organizational infrastructure services such as the custom Remote Work Models and consulting are offered in both English and Spanish.


With Executive Equilibrium, leaders can unlock their full potential and standout in the contemporary workplace, attracting new talent while fostering the growth and satisfaction of your current workforce.

We look forward to serving you! 

Meet Our Founder

As a business psychologist with a Ph.D. in the field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Dr. Caleb Sanchez is an expert in the field of organizational development. His background of working with diverse institutions to improve their workplace environments and to enhance the well-being and productivity of their employees can be utilized to address a wide variety of issues companies may face.

Dr. Sanchez's academic journey began with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Vanderbilt University. He then continued to combine his passion for psychology and public service by working as a police officer at the Chattanooga Police Department while pursuing a Master's degree in Behavioral Psychology from Grand Canyon University. His doctoral degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, allowed him to research employee engagement and retention practices across various industries, and has published his findings on the topics of burnout, secondary traumatic stress, and compassion fatigue among workers.

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