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What is I/O psychology and why does it matter?

Working in an occupational capacity can be a real handful. Businesses are intricate and complicated entities, with countless moving parts that make it hard to keep up with the ever-changing environment. The current state of the world has only exacerbated this stress and burnout epidemic, and it's a real issue that needs addressing. Thankfully, the field of I/O psychology can help.

So what is I/O psychology?

It's the scientific study of human behavior in organizations and the workplace. The role of the I/O psychologist is to identify and apply research and knowledge of the field to help improve organizational processes, working conditions, and individual performance. They cover a broad range of topics including motivation and job satisfaction, selection and training, leadership, and organizational culture. Plus, they also tackle tricky issues such as stress and burnout, diversity and inclusion, and workplace conflict.

Why is I/O psychology important in the workplace?

Well, for starters, it can help to improve hiring processes and retention elements. I/O psychologists can help organizations design fair and effective hiring procedures, resulting in better qualified hires, improved retention rates, and increased productivity. They can also enhance employee performance by designing training programs and performance evaluations to help employees reach their full potential. Additionally, I/O psychologists can offer advice on how to motivate employees and improve job satisfaction. Creating a positive workplace culture is essential for attracting and retaining top talent, and I/O psychologists can assist in this by studying the impact of leadership, communication, and work-life balance. Finally, I/O psychologists can provide evidence-based solutions to manage stress and prevent burnout in the workplace, which can have a significant impact on employee health, productivity, and job satisfaction.

In a recent study by researchers Moralo and Graupner which can be seen here, the critical role of I/O psychology in mediating the constant changes and stressors in the working environment was demonstrated. In today's working world, the need for adaption is happening at an incredible pace. However, without support, it can lead to unmet expectations, negative emotions, and lower morale throughout. By studying and implementing I/O Psychology research, it has a vital role in shaping organizational processes and improving the work experience for employees. By bringing a scientific and data-driven approach to both management and human resource practices, I/O psychology has a positive impact on the bottom line for organizations and the well-being of employees.


Moralo, T. S., & Graupner, L. I. (2022). An industrial psychology perspective of workplace counselling in the changing world of work. SA Journal of Industrial Psychology, 48, 1988.


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